Embroidered Birthday Tablecloth

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Embroidered Birthday Tablecloth, Family Keepsake Birthday Tablecloth, Handprint Birthday Tablecloth Embroidered Birthday Tablecloth with rainbow embroidery for "Happy Birthday" and customizable with Family Name, Childrens' Names, etc! Every year the tablecloth gets more colorful with an added a handprint, signature, date, etc to remember over the years!


White cotton plain weave tablecloth with embroidery - 54% Cotton, 46% Polyester Available sizes:

- 70" round

- 84"x60" rectangle

- 104"x60" rectangle

- 120"x60" rectangle


Care Instructions: - Follow all instructions on the fabric paint/fabric markers of your choice in terms of additional personalization over the years. Typically the paint/markers need 24 hours to air dry and a final press with a dry iron and pressing cloth to "set" into the fabric.


I prefer to cover the tablecloth with a clear plastic tablecloth at all celebrations to minimize stains and spills. If these do occur, I spot treat and wash on cold with a "Shout Color Catcher" in the washer and hang to dry.

Please reach out with any questions or any other personalization ideas!